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What We Do



Strategy is the most important part of your business. As a first step in the strategic planning process we define clear visions and missions for your company that inspire and move all the stakeholders. We identify the must-win battles and development programs within your business to achieve your compelling vision. This is done by recognizing main constraints and ensuring proper resource allocation in order to tackle the bottlenecks and to achieve the main business goals.

We make clear and understandable, easy to communicate strategy documents and other materials so everyone involved can internalize the strategy.

If strategy is the most important part of your business, then execution and tracking the execution is the most important part of the strategy itself. Here comes into play
strategy audits that we conduct across the organization, cool tracking systems and mobile based strategy readiness monitoring package we offer. This allows the top management to have a greater confidence over the actual execution of the strategy. Strategy lives and evolves continuously within the organization. Therefore, it is highly important to carry on the strategy work on regular basis.

This includes conducting continuous research on market environment and new technologies to drive strategic recommendations and evaluating new business opportunities such as M&A, spin-offs, greenfield operations, and even divestments. Correct and robust financial modelling of these strategic alternatives is extremely important, something in which UrbanFish is a real expert.


Market Entries

One of the most important strategic decisions for a company is whether to enter to new markets, namely to totally new geographies. Expansion to new countries might look lucrative due to larger target audience and in many cases even higher purchasing power. However, this might come with a large geographical distance, new currencies, languages that you do not speak, and a complex legal environment.

We have a great deal of experience expanding businesses abroad. Our services include conducting market researches, mapping the potential and conducting legal studies. Based on the findings your goals will be turned into a sound actionable entry plan.

Then we help you to set up the local entities, recruit the teams, train them and build locally compliant HR processes. In practice this means that we execute some key parts of your strategy.


Credit Risks

A very important strategic decision in fintech is the organization and the architecture of the risk management of the company. The entire business can be jeopardized and in worst cases vanish away by poor risk management practices.

We are experts in holistic approach to risk management throughout the entire customer journey integrating all the contact points in the whole end-to-end process.

We create everything from lead scorings, fraud detection and protection, credit scoring models, and pricing to debt collection practices optimization.

Highly important part regarding each of the previously mentioned techniques is the modelling of the financial impact (that is P&L and balance sheet and cashflow) of deployment of new models.

This yields often the answer to the most important questions: how e.g. a credit scoring model should be used throughout the customer lifecycle in making decisions regarding the account.


Data Science

Data Science i.e. real time modern statistics enabled by recent data processing tools and computational power is also nowadays a very important part of almost any company’s strategy.

We do everything from standard easier to interpret statistical predictive models and black-box AI to full stock recommendation engines and modern automated process controllers (fractional order controllers).

Many of these have numerous of applications in areas of lending, lead qualification, P2P, insurance and loan broker matching algorithms, end-to-end conversion optimization, pricing, CRM and offer generation.

We design the entire data science architecture according to predefined strategy, help creating data and data science strategies and recruit, build, train and equip whole data science teams as a service.

Equipped with modern tools in deep reinforcement learning, as well as other machine learning algorithms combined with deep business insight how to actually use those models will make any business unstoppable.


We are a strategy consulting firm, specializing in FinTech. Strategy, Market Research, Business Plans and Financial Planning, New Market Entries, Risk Management (lending fintech, credit scoring and fraud management), Pricing and BI.

We are one of the very few companies that have special knowledge on completing successful strategies with holistic end-to-end view and executing critical parts of those as a service (i.e. strategy + execution). We have several decades of combined experience in international business, leadership and data driven risk management.


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Strategy Consulting | Market Entries | Credit Risks | Data Science | FinTech

Strategy Consulting | Market Entries | Credit Risks | Data Science | FinTech

Strategy Market Entries Risk Management Data Science