Strategy Strategy is the most important part of your business. As a strategy process, we start from defining clear visions and missions that inspire and move all the stakeholders. We define the must-win battles and development programs with in your business to set a sail to achieve your compelling vision. This is done through identifying main constraints, proper resource allocation in relation to achieving the main vision. We make a clear and understandable, easy to communicate strategy documents and other materials so everyone around can internalize the strategy. If strategy is the most important part of your business, then execution and tracking the execution is the most important part of the strategy itself. Here comes in play the strategy audits that we conduct across the organization, cool tracking systems and mobile based strategy readiness monitoring package. This allows a top management to have greater confidence over the actual execution of the strategy. Strategy lives and evolves continuously within the organization. There for it is highly important to carry on strategy work on regular basis. This includes conducting continuous research on market and new technologies to drive strategic recommendations and evaluating new business opportunities such as M&A, spin-offs, greenfield operations and even closing units. Correct and robust financial modelling of these strategic alternatives is extremely important, something where UrbanFish is a real expert. Strategy audits, strategy process, resource allocation, strategic thinking, strategic readiness, research to drive strategic recommendations, evaluating new business opportunities and arrangements (M&A, greenfield, spin-off, close). Communication of strategy to all relevant stakeholders. Financial modelling of strategic alternatives. Workshop, theory of constraints, mission, visions, slogans, commination, execution, bottlenecks, must win battles, materials, tracking system, leadership system, coaching, sub-visions, divisional strategy, balanced scorecard, platforms, architecture, design of networking effects, curation, monetization, engagement, governance. USP, Innovation studio e.g. UrbanFish Innovation Studio (UFIS) setting motivational, easily understandable, actionable goals and achieving them too. Defining the strategic role of each business unit and product in the entire portfolio of businesses. 360s