One of the most important strategic decisions for a company is to enter to the new markets, namely totally new geographies. These include potentially lucrative markets with great number of potential customers with high purchasing power. However, this might come with geographical distance, new currencies, languages that you do not speak and complex legal environment. We have a great deal of experience expanding businesses abroad. Starting from market research and mapping the potential and conducting legal studies resulting a sound actionable entry plan. Then we set up the local entities, recruit the teams, train them and build locally compliant HR processes. Practically we are executing some key parts of the strategy as a service. Entering new markets, new geographies mostly. Conducting legal research on key parameters, recruiting, training and setting up teams to serve new markets either locally or from centralized hubs. Building and growing businesses in new markets Business plan USP. Restructurings. Building up local highly compliant HR processes in the case local teams are hired. Planning geography based team locations (e.g. where R&D or call center functions should be located), conquer new territories. Opening soon.