Risk Management A very important strategic decision in fintech and elsewhere is the organization and architecture of the risk management of the company. The entire business can be jeopardized and in worst cases vanish any by poor risk management practices. We are experts in holistic approach to risk management throughout the entire customer journey integrating all the contact point in the whole end-to-end process. We create everything from lead scorings, fraud detection and protection, credit scoring models, pricing and debt collection practices optimization. Highly important part regarding all of the techniques mentioned above is actually modelling the financial impact (that is P&L and balance sheet and cashflow) of ant change in those. This yields often the answer to the most important questions: how e.g. a credit scoring model should be used throughout the customer lifecycle on making offers / decisions regarding the account. Modern risk management Lead Scoring, Fraud Scoring, Policy Rules, Credit Scoring, Pricing and other credit parameter decisioning, credit portfolio modelling, modelling P&L impact of scorecard changes. OKR dash board KPIs Pricing Strategies. Problem solving. Credit Portfolio performance tracking, debt collection practices and timing optimization.