Data Science Data Science i.e. real time modern statistics enabled by recent data processing tools and computational power is also nowadays a very important part of almost any company’s strategy. We do everything from standard easier to interpret statistical predictive models and black-box AI to full stock recommendation engines and modern automated process controllers (fractional order controllers). Many of these have numerous of applications in areas of lending, lead qualification, P2P and insurance and loan broker matching algorithms, end-to-end conversion optimization, pricing, CRM and offer generation. We design the entire data science architecture according to predefined strategy, help creating a data and data science strategies and recruit, build, train and equip whole data science teams as a service. Equipped with modern tools in deep reinforcement learning as well as other machine learning algorithms combined with deep business insight how to actually use those models will create any business unstoppable. Standard predictive modelling, AI, recommendation and other engines, how to employ predictive data science models across the processes, assessing and monitoring the performance of those models constantly. Lead qualification, P2P and brokers, lender borrower matching, in general service provider consumer matching algorithms, conversion optimization end-to-end Fractional calculus retention modelling and CRM actions optimization, automated PID controlled marketing actions to making sure your company profits all the time. We can and know how to attract and train world class data science teams. Matching deposit lending balancing problem (capital in out flows and portfolio durations), proper pricing, marketing activities. Brokering engine Machine Learning Deep reinforcement learning